Keep Taxation Simple

Germany, Spain, France, Greece, India, USA. No matter where you look, when it gets to taxes, it gets complex.

Tax brackets, wealth tax, corporate tax, personal tax, value added tax, tax here tax there.

But complexity is not in and of itself a result of taxes. It gets complex when there are exemptions, tax brackets, tax categories, taxation on worldwide assets, and so on. Certain individuals under certain conditions pay this, other that. Businesses in this region pay more, than in another region. Some types of products are exempt. Others are not.

Nobody understands anything anymore! Without a tax advisor, you are guaranteed to pay too much. And even then, your tax advisor doesn’t understand the entire tax landscape. Maybe you will save some money here, but pay too much elsewhere.

But why is it that complex? Why are taxes so nontransparent?

If there’s one thing a nation-state should work on to attract talent and investors, it is to stand out with transparency and simplicity. Fair taxes in a simple taxation system.

Overall, I think tax advice shouldn’t exist. As taxes should be fair, transparent, and simple by default. For everyone.

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