Abundance or Chaos?

The future will be drastic. Either we will see abundance or we might find ourselves in total chaos.

On the one hand, we see technological advancement such as artificial intelligence which in and of itself will lead to further exponential technological advancements. For example, researchers closest to AI research and development predict AGI might arrive in as little as 3 years.  AGI which refers to artificial general intelligence or in other words artificial intelligence that is capable of doing any intellectual task that humans can perform.

The arrival of AGI could lead to groundbreaking advancements across diverse fields, potentially solving complex global challenges, enhancing human capabilities, and propelling society into a new era of prosperity and knowledge.

On the other hand, however, unchecked AGI also poses existential risks, where unintended consequences or malicious use might result in catastrophic outcomes, challenging the very fabric of human society and control. And that might turn out even worse than the current global geopolitical landscape where the deep state of the United States challenges an ever more mighty OPEC+ – with Europe incapacitated.

Overall, negative news spread faster and wider. Exponential advancements with and through AGI are not understood by the majority of people.

If we get artificial intelligence right, we might find ourselves in a world of abundance. If we fail to achieve or regulate it – chaos will persist.

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