Pay Attention to Who Shouts the Loudest

There are many values, qualities, and virtues that we look up to. Most of us try to live ethical and morally correct lives. In business, we try to build a great culture where everyone feels welcome and challenged. We all try to be kind, compassionate, and loving to those around us. But no matter what value, quality or virtue we’re talking about, I’ve learned that we should all be very critical of those individuals or organizations that shout the loudest.

I have found that the people who use the word ethical the most are usually the ones who are the most unethical. Business people who talk the loudest about how trustworthy they are usually end up betraying you. Companies that talk the most about innovation tend to be the least innovative. Political parties that talk the loudest about saving the planet or helping the poor usually end up doing the opposite. 

Ethical people don’t need to advertise that they’re ethical – they just are. Trustworthy people don’t think about being trustworthy because they don’t know the concept of betrayal. The most innovative companies don’t need to talk about it – they let the results speak for themselves. Political parties help the poor and save the planet by doing the right things – not by talking about them.

When someone is unusually vocal about something – watch out.

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