Hotels as Social Hotspots

As our world becomes more high-tech and AI-powered, our natural desire to connect with others will become even more intense. We’re wired to be social animals, always looking for social bonds and moments to share. Our human nature craves that connection.

As the typical office (for example) becomes less relevant, where will people meet and socialize in the future?

I think hotels will play a much more central and important role in the future – as they have in the past.

In the past, before I was born, hotels were like the heartbeat of cities, bringing people together. They weren’t just for travelers. They were these bustling hubs where locals and visitors mingled, where events were held and connections were made. It was like a meeting place where stories, cultures, and experiences collided, creating this vibrant tapestry of interactions beyond just a place to sleep.

Today, hotels have basically been downgraded to a place where travelers only go when they need a place to sleep. Even though most hotels have a restaurant and bar open to everyone, they are not used as such.

Hotels should take advantage of this potential and start to re-create this meeting and melting point for locals and travelers. A large hotel lobby with a bar, café, and restaurant. Co-working spaces, meeting rooms and even a large gym – available to everyone, not just guests.

Most hotels market themselves exclusively to travelers, missing out on the potential of being THE social hotspot in a neighborhood, which will only become more important in an automated and AI-driven world.

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