How To Minimize Phone Use

Most people struggle with their phone use. The main reason for this is the habits we’ve developed over many years of using social media, messaging, and news apps on our phones. 99% of the time we reach for our phone and unlock it out of habit. To check the X, Instagram or LinkedIn feed. Not because we have chosen to do so, just because our habit leads us to do so. I truly believe this is a major reason why most of us can no longer think clearly and work deeply. The cheap dopamine is calling 24/7 and is always available within half a second via Face ID.

The easiest way to minimize phone use is not only to delete all the distracting apps, but more importantly to disable Face ID and fingerprint unlock and replace it with a long password. That way, every time you pick up your phone, you have to enter a long password before you can use it. It could take you 20 seconds to type it. Enough time to check your intentions and realize that you don’t really want to use your phone.

Try it and your unwanted screen time will drop significantly.

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