Where did our curiosity go?

Yesterday, Mexico unveiled the mummies of two aliens during an official meeting of their congress. The two alien mummies were found in Peru and are believed to be over 1,000 years old. Since I’m a child, I’m very interested in aliens, UFOs, and the supernatural. The photos which have been published are one of the most exciting one’s I’ve seen for quite some time. Scientists of the Autonomous National University of Mexico found that over 30% of the specimens’ DNA was “unknown”.

What makes be dumbfounded – however – are not the mummies themselves but the surrounding silence. I saw more memes on X than I’ve seen curious reporting on them. Shouldn’t we assume the alien mummies are real? Otherwise, what is the incentive for Mexico to fake them? Shouldn’t we at least probe their authenticity? The question I ask myself: Where did all our curiosity go? For me, nothing is more exciting than alien life. I really don’t get it.

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