What About Crypto?

Things are getting quieter around crypto.

The laser eyes are gone, the price has stopped going straight up, JPEGs are fairly valued: worthless.

I got very excited about Ethereum and Bitcoin around 2016. The more I researched the underlying blockchain technology, the more excited I became.

Today, I barely touch crypto.

But once you have understood the underlying technologies behind crypto, everything changes, and you can’t really “leave crypto behind”.

You can’t leave it behind because you’ve understood the potential and the impact it’s going to have on the world, not just the financial system.

What you can leave behind instead are all the cults, the scams, the hype, and the broken technologies. When you leave that shit behind, it gets very quiet.

There aren’t many projects that survive the test of time – the test of real-world adaptation and use.

As the attention in crypto slowly shifts to creating solutions instead of getting rich quick, we will see the true potential of crypto, DeFi and the blockchain realized.

The time is ripe.

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