Corruption in Spain

Spain needs investigative initiatives against corruption in the PSOE and major public authorities.

After doing some research on WHY there is a housing crisis in the Canary Islands and WHY it takes so long to deliver parcels to the islands, I came across the deliberate refusal of the responsible authorities to work and the awarding of contracts to suspicious people.

A recent ruling by Spain’s Supreme Court awarded German real estate mogul Matthias Kühn 96 million euros in compensation after the PSOE government retroactively reclassified land he had bought and planned to develop as “non-buildable”.

It shows once again: the justice system in Spain works – it just needs tough investigative journalism and activism to rid the country of massive deliberate incompetence and hidden corruption.

I believe that with political reform – moving away from socialism – and a massive reduction of its corruption problems, Spain can become a leading world power and the most livable country on earth. It is one of the world’s most beautiful countries, home to beautiful and highly educated people (many of whom are currently working abroad because of the lack of prospects in Spain).

¡Viva la libertad, carajo!

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