Ideas Are Limitless

Jonas Andrulis asked a few interesting questions:

  • Is the space of ideas complete?
  • Are ideas finite?
  • Where does information come from? Nature? Randomness?

I believe that there is no limit to information. New ideas are limitless. Ideas and information are a result of human inspiration.

Human inspiration – in turn – comes from an extraordinary desire or will to know or to receive in a certain area.

Inspiration accompanied by an ability to open and trust our intuition leads to limitless new knowledge/information/ideas.

How do we know that inspiration meets intuition?

When inspiration meets intuition, we feel excitement.

Here it gets interesting: Where does our intuition, our inspiration, and therefore the feeling of excitement come from?

Science currently stops here.

Some might call it randomness or luck – but I believe there is more.

In quantum physics, we see that particles can be entangled over vast distances, behaving as if connected by an unseen force.

This suggests that the fabric of reality is far more interconnected than our classical understanding permits – especially in our ever more atheist society.

Quantum physics hints at a universe where everything is intertwined, including our consciousness with the cosmos itself.

The classical boundaries between observer and observed blur.

Our intuition and inspiration may well be echoes of this deeper, quantum interconnectedness.

We have to listen – and act upon our excitement.

Quantum mechanics also introduces the concept of the observer effect, where the act of observation can alter the outcome of an event.

This means that our consciousness, through observation and intention, plays a direct role in shaping our reality – and the ideas we generate.

Ultimately – I believe – our consciousness is not a passive entity in a predetermined universe.

By tuning into the universal consciousness, by elevating our individual and collective consciousness, and acting upon our highest excitement, we can access information beyond the limits of our individual selves – and beyond the limits of our human species.

The elevation of our (collective) consciousness is more than a path to personal enlightenment. It is a key to unlocking the limitless potential for information/innovation/discovery AND the co-creation of reality itself.

This leads us to another interesting question:

Does the universal consciousness already know everything that is knowable or are discoveries made there too?

From what I believe/study/experience:

The universal consciousness is a representation of all that is knowable, independent of our concept of linear time. 

Universal consciousness encompasses all that is, was, and will be.

And because our universe and the universal consciousness are infinite – so are information and ideas infinite, because infinity by definition has no limits.

In that sense, universal consciousness encompasses everything that is knowable, even if from our current earthly-human-perspective it might look like or be described as if ‘these discoveries are yet to be made’. 

Universal consciousness doesn’t discover in the human sense because it exists in a state of limitless completeness – oneness.

If we, individually or as a human-collective, explore and discover new things, they are not new within the universal consciousness in its totality, but they are still integral to the expansion and experience of our own consciousness at our individual and human-collective level.

We are all that is, was, and will be.
We are all part of one.

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