Thoughts on Apple Vision Pro

Apple announced their first Augmented Reality (AR) product, the Apple Vision Pro. I believe that AR and Virtual Reality (VR) represent the next step in how we interact with technology. Currently, our interaction with digital software and communication relies on screens, keyboards, and devices that are separate from our reality. However, AR and VR have the potential to make our interactions with software immersive and integrate the digital realm into our everyday lives.

That said, the Apple Vision Pro’s $3,500 price tag, bulky headset design, and mere 2-hour battery life were quite unexpected. I had envisioned Apple Glasses resembling stylish Ray-Bans, weighing less than 100 grams, boasting a 7-day battery life, and offering practical real-world applications.

As an AR enthusiast since 2016, I founded an AR startup and worked as a salesman for the Oculus Rift. My experiences have convinced me that AR and VR will revolutionize various fields, including:

  • Gaming and entertainment
  • Collaboration and communication (remote work)
  • Healthcare
  • Education and training

In each of these categories, new multi-billion-dollar markets for AR-first and VR-first software will emerge.

I am particularly excited about healthcare applications, especially in the realm of psychotherapy.

One thing is clear: once AR and VR become affordable and accessible to the masses, they will dramatically change how we interact with software and, consequently, alter the way our world functions.

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