To Create Change, Size Matters

Take a look at our world. No matter where you look you’ll find thousands of things and problems which can and should be solved and improved. You might have a good heart and noble intentions but in order to effectively create change and improve things in this world, you must think and become big. Size matters.

Let’s say you have a strong desire to change the world into a better place. No matter how well your intentions are, if you lack authority, power, and resources then all your efforts will fall short of effectively creating change.

In order to tackle the world’s biggest problems and to create real change size matters.

As an entrepreneur you should aim big. Aim to create a business which is highly profitable, employs the best people, and is a figure of authority in its industry. If you set goals, set big goals. If you raise funding, raise big funding. If you hire people, hire the best people. Your goal as an entrepreneur is to become a figure of authority and to create a business which is – as well – a figure of authority in its industry.

You want to create a significant business which people look up to for guidance. A business which is respected by presidents of countries. A business which has the talent, the monetary and intellectual capital to actually create the change you want to see in our world.

The same applies to you if you are an activist, politician, or scientist: your size matters. Aim to become an authority figure who is respected by other people. Build a personal brand and a large following – this will make you and your causes get noticed. Noticed by other people like politicians, entrepreneurs or philanthropists.

Before you focus on creating change, focus on creating size and becoming an authority figure. The larger your influence, authority, and power gets, the more effective you can tackle the problems you see in our world. As a result, you as an individual have the power to create massive change.

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