Tackle it!

No matter where you look, you’ll immediately see dozens of problems which should and must get solved. If you pay close attention you’ll see hundreds or thousands of problems and issues which should get solved. This is true if you look at an entire industry, a single organization, at politics, the environment or our society as a whole.

Our world is not perfect. It has never been, and it’ll never be perfect. We have an obligation to strive towards perfect. We must improve our world. To achieve this, each one of us should tackle at least one of the problems we see in our world. No matter how small the problem or issue we’ve identified. Think about what could and should be done, and do it.

The best advantage one can have is to tackle a problem with a fresh mindset. You should never listen to anyone with a rusted way of thinking – not matter how senior they are. Don’t listen to naysayers.

If there are political barriers, go and lobby for it.
If you need capital, go and find the social-capital for it.
If you need people to join you, raise your voice and attract like-minded folks.

Most importantly: Tackle it!

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