There’s No Excuse for Making Cold Calls

I couldn’t believe what I read this morning on LinkedIn. Somebody proposed, if you see an interesting sales prospect on LinkedIn, to not message him and ask for a demo or meeting but instead do the following (quote):

“You have to warm her/him up first:

  1. go to her/his profile
  2. like and comment something witty
  3. one week break
  4. see 2.
  5. wait…!
  6. get him to answer one of your comments
  7. THEN the message comes with a situational speech.”

Why would I do this? If you want to build a personal long-term relationship with this person, I get it. However, if your job requires you to sell, this is – in my opinion – the lamest excuse for not making a cold call ever.

Here’s what you should do instead: pick up the phone, call the person and sell him or her on why your product or service absolutely makes sense to him.

If get through, you’re enthusiastic and the idea you’re presenting absolutely makes sense, there’s no better way to influence people and close them than a good cold call.

You don’t need social selling. Don’t look for an excuse not to make a cold call. A good cold call requires practice and a good script. You must pick up the phone, dial, smile, practice and close!

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